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Hotel Boutique & Spa Adealba

Hotel Boutique & Spa Adealba has an unbeatable location. Merida offers a wide variety of interest points full of charm and our establishment is in front of some of the most visited attractions.

Besides, at a less than 300 meters distance of our hotel, you will find the Roman Forum of Augusta Emérita, where you will find some of the most beautiful jewels of the Roman architecture in our city. Our front façade offers views over the Temple of Diana and the Arab fortress, places that you definitely should visit.

You should not miss the Arch of Trajan or the Merida Roman Bridge.

Temple of Diana

With more than 2000 years of history, this Roman temple shows up the beautiful architecture of the 1st century b. C.
See the traditional architecture of the classic Greco Roman era in this beautiful monument. Declared as a Property of Cultural Interest in 1912 and World Heritage Site in 1993, the Temple of Diana is one of the most beautiful and historic places of this charming city. This temple is also one of the monuments you will find into the Roman Forum of Augusta Emérita.

Guided tours

Discover all the corners and secrets of Merida thanks to expert tour guides.

Arab fortress

This is the most antique Muslim fortress in the Iberian Peninsula. It was constructed by Abdurrahman II in 835 a.C. and blocks of stone from Roman and Visigoth constructions were used. The fortress was made for defending themselves from the rebellions against the emirate domination, but it is also a unique monument you can visit.